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the post above me is such a lie as of now.
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Guys, the server is up and running, and with more guests than ever before... The secret to this success is being limited to the operators. Please do not go around asking about it, it is strictly confidential. If you are new to the server, you should know that this server is not at all new, and has been open for nearly 10 months now. The owner of the server is currently offline for most of the time, due to personal endeavors. The server is being run by "kbub17" at the moment, and will be run by him until the real owner, and the one we owe the server to, "pierpaf" comes back from his summer adventure smile In gist, just know that the server is going to be open and online as much as possible, although we have had a few issues with it crashing recently. Also, know that if you need help, type /review. And if you're new, type /view intro, and /rules to get aquainted with how we run the server, and how we ran ... Read more »
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